Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kostenko's new Caps mask

Washington Capitals

Today we have the pleasure to present Sergey Kostenko's new Caps mask. It was so fun to create this custom design in a mix of old school and top modern effects, and lots and lots of details, just what I love to do. :-)

From a distance it's a classic layout, and when you come closer you discover it's a tribute to his hometown on one side and a tribute to his new homeland on the other side, and so much more.

You're all welcome to check it out in the mask gallery, our app and social networks.

Love to work with you Sergey! Thank you all for your interest.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Nilsson's favorite movie...

New York Islanders

Anders Nilsson has a favorite movie, and he wanted that on his mask. The movie is The Escape from Alcatraz, and I love that movie too, I've seen it so many times. I started to brainstorm how to build the design, and Anders gave me thumbs up directly and I started to paint. Clint Eastwood on the side carving out from the wall, and in the background you see the silhouette of the island giving cool depth to the design.

The rest of the design is built on Islanders' cool logos and colors, with strong colors, giving the design a sweet old school feeling. And just as usual the design is pumped with details, most of them you need to see the mask live to discover.

Love to work with you Anders!

You're all welcome to check out Anders' Islanders mask in the mask gallery.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cool fishermen stay cool in the Hurricane storm, but watch out for the submarine!

Carolina Hurricanes

Today we have the pleasure to present my buddy Dan Ellis' new Carolina Hurricanes mask... Dan is always so fun to work with, he sends me so cool drawings, I've told him he can start work here after his goalie carrier. :-) I am so proud to be your painter Dan!

Dan had the coolest idea... he wanted something totally new for a Carolina mask... something describing the unique working situation the goalie has... so how about cool old fishermen (!) working in the wildest hurricane storm, just keeping their heads cool, even though it's the worst storm around them. That is a perfect connection to a goalie's unique working situation!

I love to work with a lot of details, so the whole design is built on that, and the closer you look the more you will discover. :-) The fishermen just keep on working in the middle of the wildest storm. But seems to be trouble...a big submarine is coming! But the fisherman stays cool anyway... :-)

Welcome to check out Dan's new Hurricanes mask, you will find it all over, here on the site, on the social networks Twitter and Facebook, and of course in the DAVEART App...! Thank you all for visiting my site and checking out my paintings! Take care.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kuemper's new wild graphic design

Minnesota Wild

Today we have the pleasure to present Darcy Kuemper's new Minnesota mask.

This is a so called 2 in 1 design built on the awesome logos of Minnesota Wild. It's pumped with it all, from a distance it's a crisp look, and when you come closer the action kicks in..:-) Behind the clean look you will join a wild joyride of detail work, with effects like Holographix FX, 3-D PaintTech, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke and much much more.

Welcome to check out Kuemper's Minnesota mask in the gallery, on Facebook or in the DAVEART App. :-)

Love to paint for you Darcy!

Thank you all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jason pays tribute to his rock idols

New York Rangerss

Jason Missiaen loves rock, and in particular the rock of Jack White and Matt Bellamy... On each side of the mask you will find a subtle tribute to them created just like old school rock t-shirts. Around that we have built a clean and classic team connected design that breathes New York Rangers. 

This design has a very different design style than Jason's previous mask, it is so exciting to change style from mask to mask. Love to work with you Jason!

Just as usual the mask is fully pumped with detail work, and special effects like Holographix FX, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke, 3D PaintTech and much much more...

Check out the mask in the mask gallery! Thank you all!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Julklappstips - kurstiderna för 2013 är här!

DAVEART School Of Airbrush

Nu har vi släppt kurstiderna för 2013. Helgerna 9-10 mars och 20-21 april kör vi vår grymt populära Airbrush Power Weekend i vår unika airbrushstudio i Vrigstad. Boka din plats så tidigt som möjligt då antalet platser är begränsade. I år kommer vi dessutom bara att anordna kurser under våren. Julklappstips i sista stund!?

We have released the workshop dates for 2012. March 9-10 and April 20-21 we arrange the so popular Airbrush Power Weekend in our specialized airbrush studio in Vrigstad. Book your seat as soon as possible, the number of seats are limited, and this year we will only arrange workshops during the spring. Christmas Gift tip at the last moment?!

Igor the Duck Goalie is a handy duck

Anaheim Ducks

Yes, Igor the Duck Goalie is the name of this creature... Igor knew what he wanted on his mask, a badass Duck goalie in action... Take cover, this dude can catch the puck with his mouth...! And not only that, he seems to be quite a handy duck also, he has made his own stick, check it out...

I had so fun when I created this one, and I pumped the design with so much details, just what I love to do. You will find it all here, from palms to ducks to masks and more, and the closer you come even more you will discover...

I'm so proud to be your painter Igor!

You're all welcome to check out Bobkov's Ducks mask in the mask gallery. Thank you all!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Owuya's new Toronto mask says hello to Stockholm

Toronto Maple Leafs

Today we have the pleasure to present Mark Owuya's latest Toronto mask. It was so exciting to create this design that is a mix of old school and top modern effects. It is all built on the beautiful Toronto logos, it is also a design that is a continuation from Mark's previous mask.

The design says also hello to Mark's hometown Stockholm, check out St Erik on each side of the mask.

You're all welcome to check out this new mask in the gallery, a design that is pumped with details to discover when you come closer and closer.

I'm so proud to work with you Mark!

Thank you all for your interest :-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Green power in Ö-vik...

Modo Hockey

With such a cool name as Starkbaum, the theme on Bernhard Starkbaum's Modo mask was given... Bernhard knew exactly what he wanted and I started to sketch...

Even if the whole mask is made of strong metal, nothing can hold back the power of this green creature. The mask is totally torn into pieces and this dude is coming out...

Just as usual the mask is packed with details to be discovered all over the artwork, just what I love to do.

It was so awesome to create this one for you Bernhard!

You're all welcome to check out Bernhard Starkbaum's mask in the mask gallery! Thank you all for your interest in my paint.

Win Total Recall on Blu-ray!

Total Recall

Ok everyone, time for a new cool movie contest together with my friends at Sony! Answer the question and you may win "Total Recall" on Blu-ray...

Contest question: What actor/actress mentioned below starred in a box office success movie back in 2001?

E-mail the answer to before December 30 and you may be one of the five happy winners!

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McElhinney’s new mask is a storyteller-design

Frölunda Indians

At a first glance of Curtis McElhinney’s new Columbus mask it’s a design built on the team logos with crisp and clean colors. Yes it is, but when you take a second look you will find it’s a storyteller-design, and you will discover so much more. The whole design is built on Curtis’ biggest interest, fly fishing.

So welcome to a discovery ride into the fly fishing world. On the sides the base color is created as the skin of a trout, and the blue is also transformed into underwater scenery with special effects. You will also find mayflies built into the design, and some details you can only see when you see it live.

It’s always such a joy to come up with new ideas and try them in new layouts and effects, always think outside the box.

Curtis, I can’t tell you enough how fun it was to create this new mask look.

You’re all welcome to check it out, thank you for your interest.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hetenyi’s new Admirals mask creates a storm

Milwaukee Admirals

Today we have the pleasure to present Zoltan Hetenyi’s new Milwaukee Admirals mask. I love to always try new design ideas and effects, never stand still. This design is created as a so called 2 in 1 design. From a distance it’s a clean design inspired by the team uniform, but the closer you get the more details you will discover. All the details create a very unique rough look, like the feeling of a storm at sea, like a ship lost at the sea in the storm and fog.

Just as usual the design is action pumped with lots and lots of details and special effects, and some stuff and effects you can only see when you see the mask live.

Zoltan, I had so fun when I painted this design for you!

Check out the mask in the gallery. Thank you all for your interest in my paint.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vito on Svedberg’s new mask

Boston Bruins

I am very happy to present my buddy Niklas Svedberg’s new Bruins mask. I feel like a very lucky dude, to every day wake up and do what I love the most, to paint.

Those of you who have seen Niklas’ previous masks will know what he wants on his masks... I’ve done many masks for Niklas, and he has a favorite movie always showing up on his mask’s... But this time painted I it in a new way. I love to paint in new styles and always come up with new ideas. Every mask is always 100% unique.

The design is created as an old school design with the awesome Bruins logos and colors, and in the Bruins layout I created an artwork with Mr Vito. And the closer you look the more details you will discover, and the design transforms in front of your eyes. Just as usual the design is pimped with so much details and special effects.

Thanks Niklas, I had so fun when I painted this one for you. :-)

Check out the mask in the mask gallery. Thank you all for your interest.

Svensson’s Skellefteå mask

Skellefteå AIK

Today we have have the pleasure to present Markus Svensson’s new Skellefteå mask. It is always so special to paint for goalies that I have painted for since they were kids, makes me feel old... :-) I remember when Markus was a kid and came to my studio, he followed the big boys from his team when they were about to get their masks done by me. Now Markus himself is a big boy, playing in the Swedish elite league.

Back then Markus wanted very old school designs, and it is the same now. Very crisp and clear, and very retro. The whole design is based on Skellefteå’s cool uniform with the awesome sun from the logo, so classic. The name of the design is Sunrise, and what could be a better name for a mask. The deer skull on the top is a tribute from Markus to his new hometown Skellefteå.

And just as usual the design is pumped with details all over to be discovered when you come closer and closer, there’s a message behind every detail.

I love to paint for you Markus!

Check it out in the mask gallery. Thank you all for your interest in my paint!