Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bobrovsky's vintage version

Columbus Blue Jackets

Bobrovsky's vintage version, yes that is the name of Bob's latest mask artwork I created for the alternate Blue Jackets uniform and logos.

As you can see it's a continuation of his previous Blue Jackets mask with the extremely strong brickwall painted all over the mask, that is Bob's trademark on his latest masks. And look close, there is no cracks in the bricks what so ever, just a super strong wall.

Every detail in the design tells a story, just check out the flags, the russian flag is on the left side, closest to the heart.

The design is pimped with so much details to be discovered all over the mask. And you will find all kind of Super FX here, 3D PaintTech, Holographix FX, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke and so much more.... :-)

Love to be your painter Bobs! :-)

You are welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery, in the App or on our Facebook page.

Thank you all for your interest in my paint.