Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eagles Of Bratislava

HC Slovan Bratislava

Eagles of Bratislava, that is the name of Jaroslav Janus' mask for his team HC Slovan Bratislava.

An old school design totally ripped into pieces by the power of the eagle's claws. I just love to go crazy in the details and paint in different paint styles from day to day, I had so fun when I created this painting.

The closer you come to the mask, the more details you will discover, and the mask transforms in front of your eyes. The design is pimped with all kind of Super FX, like 3D PaintTech, Holographix FX, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke and so much more.... :-)

Love to be your painter Jaroslav! :-)

You are all welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery, in the App or on our Facebook page.

Thank you all for your interest in my painting.