Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enroth celebrates the true American native art of the buffalos

Buffalo Sabres

Today we have the pleasure to present Jhonas Enroth´s new Buffalo Sabres mask. The design is a direct continuation of his past NHL masks in the "Rockin Sabres" series which Jhonas and me have evolved together through the years.

This new #NHL mask celebrates the true american native art of the buffalos.

I love the challenge as a painter to be as versatile as possible. One day paint in cartoon style, another day in horror style, another day in graphic style, another day in dramatical style, as the day when I created this artwork.

I remember it very well, this design idea came to me an early summer morning. I immediately told Jhonas about my ideas and he loved them. I started the project eagerly.

One side of this #Buffalo #Sabres mask is created with the team logo in a crisp and clean and modern look with strong contrasts, and just as usual on Enroth´s masks it is divided by a brickwall. The other side of the mask is created in a totally different style, it´s a tribute to the American native art of the buffalos.

Just as the native of America put up the buffalo skins we have put up a buffalo skin on the mask. The painted buffalo on the buffalo skin is placed in the exact same position as the buffalo in the Sabres logo on the other side, it gives a cool symmetrical look to the mask that is not symmetrical.

The rest of the vintage side of the mask is loaded with an artwork with a theme of buffalos under the night sky with glittering stars and so much details.

From the #Enroth trademark with the brickwall in the middle, the design is loaded with all the #DAVEART trademarks effects to be discovered all over the mask to give it an extra dimension. You will find here #Holographics, #NanoDetailPaintTech, #3DPaintTech, #GhostSmoke, #MetallicFX and much more…. :)

A design that works both in TV cameras as on a distance.

Thanks Jhonas, love to be your personal artist. Me and Jhonas have been working together for so many years and I love the challenge to evolve his mask art from mask to mask, and I´m looking forward to create the next :)

You are welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page. You´ll also find a lot of behind the scene photos on our Instagram, and you´re welcome to follow us also on Twitter.

Thank you all for your interest.