Saturday, September 14, 2013

Please, do not feed the animal

Washington Capitals

Braden Holtby wanted his new Washington Capitals mask to be something truly unique.. So we transformed it into a birdcage :)

"Please, do not feed the animal", yes it is what the sign on the birdcage says, and that is also our strongest recommendation…

This bald eagle must be really dangerous, cause it is not only in a birdcage, the birdcage is also a quarantine…. He seems infected by something dangerous, he is drooling… Or he is just very mad… Lucky us that birdcage looks quite strong, and the padlock seems pretty strong… But we can´t be sure… Stay away…

I can tell you this, I had very fun when I created this creature. Always exciting to come up with new and total custom ideas every day and transform masks into something else… And just as usual this #Washington #Capitals mask for #BradenHoltby is loaded with all the #DAVEART trademark effects, such as #Holographics, #MetallixFX, #3DPaintTech, #GhostSmoke, #NanoDetailPaintTech, just what I love to create… :) The closer you come, the more details you will discover.

Braden and me have been working together for many years and it´s always such a joy. Thanks Braden, love to be your personal artist! :-)

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Thank you all for your visit here!