Sunday, September 20, 2015

Raanta´s friends moves to New York... 🌃

New York Rangers

When Antti Raanta moves to New York of course his friends from Finland comes along 🌃

Antti wanted something special on his new New York Rangers mask. A dear tribute to his home country of Finland🇫🇮. So then a tribute design to the awesome Moomins from Finland, created by the Finnish author Tove Jansson, is the perfect choice.

And when Moomins comes to New York, of course they will play hockey at the world famous Ice Rink at the Rockefeller Center🌉. The Moomintroll is a goalie with an old school goalie mask on his head, playing hockey with his buddy Little My.💪🏻

The mask is transformed into the world famous rink, with the awesome skyscrapers in the background, among them the Rockefeller Center. All created in Rangers colors, of course👍🏻.

For sure the design is loaded with details all over the mask to be discovered like on a treasure map🔎. And of course all the DAVEART Trademark Super FX💎 is here..

Tove Jansson is one of my idols so I can tell you I loved to create and paint this piece❤️🎨

Thanks Antti! I am so happy to be your artist and create your tribute to Finland. Antti and I have already more stuff in the pipeline.🎯

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Thank you all.❤️